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This document is the child protection policy for TNT which will be followed and promoted by all members of the organization. The purpose of this policy is to make sure that the actions of any adult in the context of the work carried out by TNT are transparent and safeguard and promote the welfare of all young people. This document is written in accordance with TNT programme and the Law of the Children Act (Tanzania, 2009).

In all of your interactions with children, you will:

- safeguard and protect children from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation, injury and neglect
- treat children with respect regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, health status birth or other status.
- not discriminate against, show differential treatment, or favour particular children to the exclusion of others.

- not use language or behaviour towards children that is inappropriate, harassing, abusive, sexually provocative or culturally inappropriate.

- respect the physical integrity of all children.
- never act in ways intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children, or otherwise perpetrate any form of emotional abuse.
- refrain from hiring children for domestic or other labour which is inappropriate given their age or developmental stage, which interferes with their time available for education and recreational activities or which places them at significant risk of injury.
- immediately report concerns or allegations of any violence, abuse or exploitation of a child in accordance with appropriate procedures.


- No child is to be taken outside of the placement site, without making prior arrangements with the staff.
- No child is to be taken to any volunteer's home stay, guest house, hotel or accommodation.
- Volunteers are not permitted to take any child to a cafè, restaurant or buy them food, unless permission has been given by the TNT management.
- Volunteers are not permitted to share a bed or a room with any children.
- No presents are to be bought for placement participants without prior approval from the TNT management.
- Photography and videography of children or community members is only permitted with permission from the TNT management. . Photos/videos should not be taken in a way intended to belittle or degrade any children and partecipant.
- Volunteers should not act in ways intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children or vulnerable adults or perpetrate any form of emotional abuse.
- Volunteers must display appropriate language, actions, and relationships with children at all times,

- Volunteers must take extreme care when interacting physically with placement participants. Under no circumstance should any physical contact be, or have the appearance of being sexual in any way.

- Volunteers must not exert inappropriate physical force when dealing with children. This includes pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping or any other action that could cause fear, intimidation or distress.

- Volunteers must not discriminate against, show differential treatment, or favour particular individual to the exclusion of others.

- Volunteers are responsible for their actions and reactions to children at all times. Volunteers are always considered to be responsible for their actions regardless of how a child behaves towards them.

- Inappropriate conduct toward children, including failure to follow the behaviour standards stated above, is grounds for discipline, up to and including dismissal from the TNT placement and/or police notification and legal action.

- Please note, this is not an exhaustive or exclusive list. The principle underlying this policy is that volunteers and staff should avoid actions or behaviour which may constitute poor practice or potential abuse and exploitation.


I have read the complete TNT Child Protection Policy. I fully understand and agree to follow all procedures contained within. If at any time I fail to follow the guidelines set forth by the TNT Child Protection Policy, I understand that my volunteer placement may be terminated by TNT and appropriate action will be taken.

This form is signed and dated at  your orientation once on Tanzania.

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